Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This time of year can be very challenging when looking at all of the temptations "junk food-wise", and Halloween is the beginning domino on the Holiday trail ahead.  As with most things in life, once we break our walls down and let our self-discipline deflate with a bucket of Halloween candy, then the odds are against us. However, don't lose hope!  If you've already sampled out of the industrial size bag of candy sitting in your entryway, this just means that you are human, not a failure!  The game is not over, but ask yourself if you've ever really heard someone say "Gosh, that bucket of chocolate was really worth eating and gaining 5 pounds"...and truly mean it!  This does not mean you have to "deny" yourself participating in Halloween...

Here are a few tips to remember this Halloween:

1. Do NOT set yourself up and buy your favorite types of candy!  We have enough external temptations already...don't make yourself a part of the temptations!

2. Wait until the day before Halloween to buy all of your candy for trick-or-treaters!  If you have already purchased it, then hide it in the pantry...OUT OF SITE MEANS OUT OF MIND!!

3. Be realistic on how much candy you actually need; typically, we know the volume of crowds to be expected.

4. When its time to turn out the lights for the evening, then give the last trick-or-treaters what is left in the bowl and let them hit the Halloween jackpot!  This way you will not be left with the temptation!

5. Try purchasing juice boxes with no added sugars to hand out as parents really appreciate this.

6. Small packs of sugar-free gum are great to hand out as well, especially because you can grab a piece and participate with no guilt!

7. If you are craving chocolate, try having a protein bar to see if it covers your craving!  If you are craving sweet or sour, try a green apple dipped in sugar-free caramel pudding.

8. If you have a Halloween party to attend, volunteer to bring the healthy option like a veggie or deli tray.  Try eating something small before the party as well so you aren't ravenous when you arrive.

9. Go for a walk the morning of Halloween, or before your Halloween party to relieve stress.  Typically, we don't eat because we are hungry...we eat because we are stressed, bored, or simply because it is in front of our face!

10.  If you are feeling particularly stressed this time of year, it may be a good time to reevaluate your weight loss goals and ask yourself what you are doing to accomplish these goals.  Try writing down your goals, as it increases your chances of completing them by 50%!

Whether you celebrate Halloween at home or not, often these tips apply to the workplace as well. Remember to plan ahead and be positive...Good Luck!

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