Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Looking Your Best for Your Valentine!

It is said that time is one of the greatest motivating forces in the world. Who are we to disagree? As such, we all have just over a week to get in shape and look our very best on Valentine’s Day. Now is the perfect time to turn the heat up on your exercising and healthy eating habits. Prepare to look great for the special person in your life; if he or she hasn’t arrived yet, assume they will on the 15th.

While you can’t expect to lose too much weight before Valentine’s Day, work out and eat healthy until then and you will almost certainly feel better about yourself. That, along with the fact that you will have developed a nice routine come one week from now, is a good enough reason to start today!

Once your routine is in full effect, you can use other upcoming dates on your calendar as goal dates: lose 10 pounds by your high school reunion, fit into your favorite bikini come Independence Day, break your best mile time on your birthday!

Occasions that you want to look good for are endless. Pick a date, think of the time between now and then as a window of opportunity, and don’t let it close!

What day do you need to look your very best by? Let us know. Bariatric Health & Wellness can help you make the most of your time.

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