Monday, April 28, 2014

Product Spotlight: Weight Loss Drinks

liquid protein drinks to lose weight

Finally, healthy low calorie fruit drinks high in protein for dieters, health conscious folks, and those who love a sweetened beverage but do not want the sugar or excess calories! Bariatric Health & Wellness is offering healthy fruit drinks with protein in a variety of fruity flavors health enthusiasts love. These amazing drinks can be used to quench thirst for an afternoon workout at the gym, as liquid protein drinks to lose weight, or simply as late evening snacks to curb the appetite and satisfy the cravings for sweets.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Should You Eat Before Bed?

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Most of us crave a bedtime snack, whether we retire to bed early in anticipation of a hard day’s work, or are night owls staying up to watch our favorite late-night television show. While we’re generally taught to believe that eating before going to sleep can be unhealthy, there are a number of foods that burn fat while we sleep and may even assist in the quality of sleep!