Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School

Back To School Healthy Meal Planning

It’s that time of year when the flurry of back to school preparations are taking over the lives of parents everywhere. This is also a good opportunity for parents to help kids understand the value of good foods and healthy diets.

When you consider the foods and beverages kids are exposed to, you can’t afford not to place good foods and meal alternatives in front of your children while they are young. You need a strategy that includes easy ways to pack food and beverages that kids can enjoy, be nourished by, and stay feeling good all school year long. When people become accustomed to healthier, low-fat foods, they rarely miss the junk food. They learn to appreciate eating right, and they have less of a desire to overeat. It’s a choice that could stay with your kids for a lifetime.

Healthy Meal Alternatives

There is good news when it comes to healthy meal alternatives. Family members do not have to give up all of the foods and beverages they love. There are dozens of food options that include delicious breakfasts, filling lunches, dinners you can sink your teeth into, and desserts that help you feel satisfied—as well as refreshing beverages—without all of the fat, calories, and undesirable ingredients. These options are great for back to school meal planning.

Not only are all these healthy alternatives available by order at our online store, at Bariatric Health & Wellness you can order a sampler bag that includes 84 fabulous meal replacements to try. If you love pancakes, pasta, omelets, soup, pudding, health bars, chips, tasty drinks, and more, you are going to love the Best-Seller Sampler Bag. There is something in this sampler for every member of the family, and the kids can take lunches on the go for school, a day at the park, or a field trip. At home, parents can prepare quick and healthy meal alternatives that keep the entire family nourished on a good, nutrition-based plan.

Meal Replacement Sampler Bag Contents

The Bariatric Health & Wellness sampler bag comes complete with 84 meal selections, a month’s supply of both multivitamins and potassium, and a handy water bottle and shaker cup, packaged in a sturdy red bag. This amazing offer includes program instructions to help families get the most out of their sampler bag and help kick off their decision to get healthy and stay that way. Contact Bariatric Health & Wellness for advice and support to coincide with this amazing fitness plan for those who need it. Send your kids back to school with healthy and delicious meal planning in mind!

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