Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Product Spotlight: 2-Week Kosher Sampler Bag

You’ve asked for it, so we are happy to announce we now have certified Kosher meal options! And right now you can try them all in the 2-Week Sampler Bag.

Bariatric Health & Wellness is here to provide a solution for anyone and everyone who is struggling with weight or concerned about their health. That is why we have expanded our selection of healthy and delicious foods to include a wide range of kosher options certified by EarthKosher. You will find many pre-made meals throughout our site, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as mouth-watering desserts and snacks that are in line with kosher requirements. But, how to choose between all those tempting choices? Again, Bariatric Health & Wellness has come up with a solution. Continue reading to find out more about our new 2-Week Kosher Sampler Bag.

Kosher certified cereal, pudding, shakes, chocolate bars, chips, oatmeal, pancakes and chili -these are just a few of the foods you will find in the Kosher Sampler Bag, which contains a total of 46 items. You can view the entire list here. The Bag contains two of each item.

The benefits of the Sampler Bag are two-fold:
  1. You get two weeks-worth of food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks – for just $150. That is a deal you will not find anywhere else, especially when you consider the fact that these foods taste great and are packed in protein and low in calories.

  2. For two weeks, you will be sampling all the kosher certified foods Bariatric Health & Wellness offers and you’ll be able to decide for yourself which ones you like and which ones you love. Your decision making process will be made much easier for future shopping, as you will be able to go straight for the foods you want most.
What are your favorite kosher foods? We really want to know because we are constantly looking to expand our selection to serve you better!

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