Thursday, November 17, 2016

Three Ways to Stay Active When Cold Weather Comes Calling

Afraid of the dreaded winter workout slump? Cutting back on your exercise routine because it’s cold outside isn’t just bad because you’re falling short of your weight loss goals. Taking a protracted break also makes it extremely difficult to get moving again when the weather improves.

Stay active no matter what the weather is like, and you’ll reap massive rewards. Here are three simple tips for attaining winter workout mastery.

1. Stretch or Do Light Calisthenics Every Day

When it comes to low-resistance exercise that stretches your body, you can’t afford to take time off. Government agencies recognize that Pilates and yoga heighten postural and muscular strength. Organizations like the American Heart Association say that yoga can help improve your cardiac health.

So how do these practices make it simpler to stay active? For starters, they’re far more relaxing than other forms of workouts, so it’s easier to persuade yourself to actually keep up with a routine.

You don’t have to go to the gym, pay for classes or buy expensive equipment. Those who take things slowly can practice safely within the comfort of their own homes. If certain positions or postures make you uncomfortable, there are scores of alternatives that you might find easier.

Stretching has benefits like improved blood circulation, heightened bone health and potential weight reduction. These advantages could come in handy when you decide that it’s time to jump into a more intense exercise session. Even if you start with just a few minutes a day, you'll be helping yourself out.

2. Change Your Workout Schedule

Winter’s onset brings a new timetable with it, so your exercise routine should adapt too. If you’re a big fan of outdoor activities like jogging, walking or bike riding, you may discover that shifting these exercises to a different time of the day helps you avoid the worst of the cold weather without slacking off.

During winter, many people suffer from mild or serious forms of seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as seasonal depression, or SAD. SAD may make you feel sluggish or like you have low energy, and it’s also associated with a lack of vitamin D. Getting outside in the sunlight could help you counter these effects as well as keep your motivation and mood high.

3. Equip Yourself for Winter Activity

Dressing and preparing appropriately for the weather makes it much easier to cope as you attempt to stay active. Don’t worry about style or what other people might think.

If you need to, don a pair of light leggings to overcome the initial shock of jogging in the frigid cold. Looking awkward is better than getting sick and having to take a protracted break. Dress in layers that you can remove as necessary, and never assume that you don’t need to carry water just because the weather is cold.

How do you stay active when it’s cold outside? Share your favorite strategies in the comments below, or get out there and get moving!

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