Thursday, January 24, 2019

How To Stay Committed to Losing Weight This Year in 3 Simple Steps

All those leftover holiday candies and treats on sale in the stores can feel like a conspiracy against your diet. You stay strong and make it out of the first aisle without being tempted by the marked-down holiday candy, but after a few laps around the store getting groceries and other necessities, those 75-percent-off chocolates start to become more tempting, and all of a sudden, that New Year’s resolution to lose weight begins to yield to the temptation.

Resolving to eat less sweets or reduce your sugar intake and lose weight for an entire year can feel daunting and unrealistic unless your lifestyle already supports those behaviors. Losing weight is something most of us constantly need to work at to avoid the bad habits that brought us here in the first place. The most successful weight loss strategies involve being fully committed to losing weight and giving yourself realistic goals to hit along the way.

If you quit snacking cold turkey, that is the best way to fail. Your body is used to eating a certain way. It is not realistic for most of us to just give up the foods we love in lieu of carrots and celery sticks. But what if we don’t view weight loss as a sprint, where we exhaust ourselves and deplete our energy to lose 20 pounds as quickly as possible? Instead, what if we view it more like a marathon, where we pace ourselves, moving at our own speed toward the goal? Suddenly, those little temptations begin to feel less daunting, and the goal of losing weight begins to feel accessible.  Keep reading to find some quick, easy tips on how to lose weight at home.

1.Set Yourself Up for Success

It’s usually best to make simple lifestyle changes to lose weight by setting realistic goals to change one habit at a time.  Resolve to drink one less soda a day. Switch out a bag of empty-calorie potato chips for some protein-packed chips. Trade a few chocolate chip cookies for healthy triple-chocolate cookies. Making simple switches in your life doesn’t feel like work but still helps your body lose weight. It’s important to break down your goal into smaller components and make sure you’ve stocked up on easy, healthy meal plans for when hunger strikes. Rather than say what you won’t eat this year or month, say what you will eat more of and make sure you don’t skip on adding those items to your cart when picking up groceries. Delicious diet meals are a wonderful way to support your goal.

2. Success Isn’t easy, but Forgiving Yourself Is

Resolve to forgive yourself when you slip. Weight loss is not easy, and going off your diet once or twice is not an excuse to give up. We are all fallible. We are bound to make mistakes, and learning from them is key. Understanding why you gave into your craving may be the biggest weight loss tip you discover this year. Self-reflection may not sound appealing, but understanding what triggered you - the crunch of a chip, the nostalgia of a tasty childhood snack, the comfort of a warm cake after a rough day at work - will help you understand what you can do differently next time. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake, but do make an effort to avoid making that same mistake twice.

3. We Didn’t Forget the Most Important Step Toward Success… Exercise

The most important way to keep your resolution involves the one thing you were probably hoping we’d avoid mentioning - exercise. We don’t mean you need to sign up for the most expensive gym membership and work out like a bodybuilder (though it’s awesome if you’re able to), just move around a little each day and you may soon discover yourself subconsciously working out. This might mean starting with a 10-minute walk on your lunch break for a few weeks as you gradually build up to walking more. Maybe you park further away from your office to get a few extra steps in. Maybe you decide to use inconvenient routes while shopping because that means getting in more steps. Get creative and find movement that works for your lifestyle. You may even want to take a few laps around your local park. The key is to be consistent. Once that movement begins to feel easy, gradually move on to bigger challenges. The more you can move, the better.

Being committed to losing weight is going to be the most important factor to success. If you’re motivated to do what it takes to reach your ideal weight, you will get there. Believe in yourself. No diet is going to be effective if you don’t follow it. Even if you end up losing 1 pound a week, that’s 52 pounds by the end of this year. Pretty good results without making drastic changes!