Tuesday, July 15, 2014


For some, the idea of a steaming hot bowl of chili on a cold winter's day is their idea of the perfect mid-day warm up or spiced-up supper dish. Others, however, know that a tasty treat as good as our Turkey Chili with Beans knows no season like winter or fall, but is great even in summer! After all, summertime is where chili cookouts gained their fame, so it's natural to enjoy this tasteful Bariatric Protein Meal Replacement entree any time of the year.

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the taste and this Turkey Chili with Beans meal packs some great taste, with just the perfect proportions of spice to please the palate. Ready in just two minutes when cooked in the microwave but also amenable to stovetop cooking in a large saucepan (about eight minutes on simmer), this Chili gives you good reason to celebrate with its low calorie count and low fat content, while being high in protein and also in flavor.

As one of a great variety of healthy entrees that are a part of your meal replacement diet, including favorites like Spaghetti & Meatballs, Oriental Chicken, Pot Roast & Gravy, Pepper Steak and Chicken Pasta Parmesan, this Turkey Chili with Beans has plenty to offer. Packed with 22 grams of energizing protein and 29 grams of healthy carbohydrates, it only has 230 calories per serving and a mere three and a half grams of fat. It's a completely satisfying meal that will fill you up but not fill you out.

You may enjoy your Turkey Chili with some low calorie crackers or you might want to add a bit of low-fat cheddar cheese or some low-fat sour cream for a little extra pizzazz. Whether you're currently involved in the weight loss portion of your meal replacement diet or have already lost the weight and are now in the maintenance phase, this Turkey Chili with beans is the ideal way of dieting without feeling that you're missing out on your favorite foods. Experience all the gusto with none of the guilt. Enjoy!

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