Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Using the Olympics as Motivation for Your Workout

The Winter Olympics are truly an inspirational event to behold. Most people can’t help but feel a little patriotic when they see their country’s colors being waved around and worn by some of the world’s greatest athletes. Even fewer can avoid the urge to better themselves when watching these athletes perform the miraculous feats they’ve spent their entire lives preparing for.

If you get inspired by watching Olympic athletes: go at it! Give flight to that inspiration! You too are capable of accomplishing great things – losing weight, getting in shaping, and staying that way are all things to be proud of, and any Olympian would agree. So, the next time you tune in to watch the Winter Olympics, get in tune with them and do so from your treadmill or your exercise bike.

Seeing skiers speedily slide down slippery slopes is certain to bring a surge to your system while you sweat, so get out of your seat and steal a little momentum from those super athletes! Observing bobsledders break bold records will forcibly boost your ability to be the best you can be. Calmly contemplating curlers while they carefully caress the cool ice in between comical commercials can kick start your calorie countdown with such compulsion that you’ll quickly catch your goal weight. Shadowing astonishing short track speed skaters on a mission to show off shocking shenanigans while you shimmy is a sure way to shed the nonessentials, shaping you into a chic shaman of nutrition with sheer propulsion and ushering you into a shoe-in position for Bariatric Health & Wellness’s most accomplished patient of the month!

Sadly, neither watching the Olympics, nor alliteration, are Olympic sports. However, we can use both of them as a means to get ourselves in better shape (I worked up quite a sweat writing all that!). Just be sure to hold onto to something lest you get carried away.

Tune into the Olympics the next time you are getting ready for your workout, and, if your country brings home the gold, you will feel twice as accomplished!

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